Where are the Job Opportunities in 2014?

Feb 12, 2014 | Australian College

In a recent report it was suggested that there are six industries where workers will be in strong demand in 2014. These include:


While it was once regarded as a luxury, fitness participation is now seen as an integral part of a person’s life. Between 2014 and 2017 there will be 50,000 new jobs that will need to be filled. In particular Personal Trainers will be in strong demand in 2014. The minimum qualification required to work as a Personal Trainer is Certificate III in Fitness and Certificate IV in Fitness.


Currently there are 82,000 plumbers employed across Australia. Plumbers on average earn between $45-$60 per hour. There will be an expected 2,300 new jobs created within the next 5 years. In Victoria the average age of a plumber is 55 years old. This would indicate that when the baby boomers retire there will be a significant void that will be need to be filled. The minimum qualification required to work as a registered plumber is an apprenticeship.


In the next five years one job in every four will be in the healthcare sector. This translates into 241,000 potential positions being available. These opportunities will be nursing and facility managers as well as aged care and disability. Minimum qualification to work in Aged Care and Disability is Certificate III and Certificate IV level.


Sales assistants have been identified as the most in demand workers over the next 5 years. It has been estimated that 45,500 new sales assistant jobs will become available between 2014-2017. The minimum qualification to work in retail is a Certificate II in Retail.


Between 2014-2017 there is an expected 21,400 jobs becoming available in accounting. Most of these jobs will be the result of restructuring within this industry, which is taking place now. These opportunities will be in both central business areas of major cities as well as regional areas. Another area that is continuing to grow in this area is management in combination with accounting. The minimum qualification to work in this area is Certificate IV in Accounting.


The Administration area is currently experiencing a high staff turnover. The job opportunities are in receptionists, clerical and general administration. In addition there is strong move to employ people with accounts administration in addition to general business qualification. The minimum qualification to work in the area is a Certificate IV in Small Business Management, Diploma of Business and Diploma of Management.

You can also expect:

Part-time jobs

Part-time employment will continue to grow faster than full-time employment. Many employees, particularly baby boomers (born in the 50’s) and those in professional occupations, are increasingly seeking better work-life balance, and flexibility in the workplace. Almost one-third of Australians already work part-time hours.

Increasing wages

Average weekly earnings are expected to grow by more than 4% to $1,251 by November 2014.

Higher qualifications = greater job opportunities

Over the past ten years, jobs for people with a Certificate IV qualification or higher will account for over 43% of all employment growth and this trend is expected to continue.

People with a Certificate IV, Diploma or Degree qualifications will continue to claim the majority of new employment positions. In fact, between now and 2017, one out of every three new jobs created will be for an employee with an undergraduate degree or higher.

Are you prepared?

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