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A Career In Creative Writing

Creative Writing, Screen Writing and Television Production Courses from Australian College can help you turn your creative passion into a career. Learn the skills required to write for different mediums, produce television content or develop your own screenplay. With our industry-experienced trainers, you will be equipped with the knowledge and techniques required to achieve success in these competitive fields.

Start your career in these exciting and dynamic industries. You could be in demand and well-paid as a:

Creative writer
Script or screenplay writer
Television production expert

Our Courses

Professional Courses

Novel Writing and Getting Published NOV

The Diploma of Professional Writing (Novel Writing and Publishing) from Australian College will give you the skills you need to write that novel you have always dreamed of. You will learn how to create imaginative scenes, detailed and sympathetic characters and exciting plots. Plus, you will learn tips about how to publish your work.

This course is perfect for anyone who wants to pursue a career in writing.

Professional Childrens Writing KID

This online children’s writing course will equip you with the skill set necessary to write for the next generation. Learn about the different types of children’s books, how to work with an illustrator, and tips on how to get your book published.

With this knowledge, you’ll be able to create engaging and entertaining stories that will capture young readers’ imaginations.

Creative Writing CRW

This online creative writing course is perfect for anyone who wants to explore their creativity, improve their writing skills and learn how to publish their own work.

The course covers all aspects of creative writing, from finding your voice to writing for different genres and mediums. You will also learn the essential tools every writer needs, such as how to structure your writing and find a publisher.

Professional Writing and Editing PW

Do you have a story to share, but don’t know how to start? This professional writing and editing course is for anyone who wants to learn the basics of writing and editing their work.

You will learn basic editing skills and the history of the written word plus writing for different formats and non-fiction writing tips. With this knowledge under your belt, you will be able to improve your skillset and share your stories with the world.

Advanced Professional Writing and Editing PWE

This course is for experienced writers who want to take their writing skills to the next level! You will learn how to write in a variety of styles, for different markets, and in different formats. This course also covers how to use style manuals and guides to make sure your work is polished and error-free. With this knowledge, you can confidently submit your work to publishers or other outlets and know that it meets professional standards.

Short Story Writing WRI

This course is designed for those who want to learn how to write short stories that are publishable and marketable.

Over the course of 12 weeks, you will learn about your role as a short story writer, the writing industry in Australia, and how to present your stories to the market. You will also learn how to identify your writing markets. The course includes advice on networking with other writers and publishing professionals.

Plain English and Business Writing PEBW

The Plain English and Business Writing Course will help you to write clear, concise, and accurate emails, reports, and other business documents.

You`ll learn how to use simple language that everyone can understand, and avoid common mistakes. This course is ideal for business professionals who want to improve their writing skills and grow their opportunities to progress within their organisations.

Get Into Film and Television: Scripts, Screenwriting and TV Producing TVPS

If you want to work in the creative industry and have a passion for writing, then this is the course for you. Our Australian College Diploma of Media (Film Scripts, Screenwriting and Television Producing) will equip you with the skills needed to write scripts for television, film, and video. You will learn about the different aspects of production from pre-production through to post-production.

Television Production for Beginners TVP

This course is ideal for anyone keen to break into the world of television production. It takes you through every step of the process, from getting your first job to starting your own production company. You will learn about all the different aspects of TV production, from writing and directing to camera work and editing. With this course, you will have everything you need to start a career in one of the most exciting industries around!

Professional Scriptwriting: Screenplays for Film and Television SCRN

This course will teach you how to write a screenplay for the big screen. You will learn the key elements of screenwriting, including character development, dialogue, and story structure. With this knowledge, you will be able to take your idea for a film or television script from concept to finished product. Enrol now and get started on your path to Hollywood!

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