New Year, New You!

Nov 19, 2020 | Australian College

Welcome the new year with open arms! Now is the perfect time to start reflecting on the past 12 months, in order to establish new goals and resolutions for next year. So, how can you make sure next year will be “˜your’ year?

Do A Yearly Reflection

You’re probably starting to think about New Years’ resolutions, as well as reminiscing on past times with your family, partners, and friends. When reflecting, take a look back at both the good and the bad sides of things. Take notice of where you are in regard to where you want to be, evaluate what went well for you, and areas in which you can improve.Â

You may ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I purchase a diary to stay organised?
  • Do I need to remove certain people from my life?
  • Who should I spend more time with?
  • What things do I need to work on to be a better version of myself?
  • How can I improve my health and wellbeing?
  • How can I improve my savings?
  • What things, activities, trips are on my bucket list?

Make A Plan For Next Year

It’s time to turn your reflection into action (through goal setting). Your goals need to be realistic and achievable, in order to avoid disappointment and failure. Create a broad goal for the entire year, plus smaller goals that complement and help you reach your main goal (Prossack, 2018). From there, create an outline of how you’ll reach those goals, when you want to accomplish them, and ways that you can ensure you stay on track.

Your goals may change throughout the year for a number of reasons; change of job, unexpected promotion, loss of job, injury. Your goals shouldn’t stay the same if your circumstances have changed (you would create new ones based on your new circumstances).

Fill Your Calendar

Do you want to do more with your new year? Make it exciting and fun by giving yourself things to look forward to. Create plans with family and friends, and organise them in advance, so you can fill your diary with:Â

  • Dinner or coffee catchups with friends
  • Adventures such as camping or road trips
  • Day trips to a beach, art gallery, theme park, city
  • Tickets to a show or an event
  • Allocated days to go to gym classes or go for walks
  • Date nights or romantic getaways

Or perhaps you want to take a step back and do less. Instead of jampacking your year with lots of social events, allocate yourself some self-care or “˜do nothing’ days. Pencil in:

  • Pamper nights
  • Movie nights
  • Cooking dinners at home
  • Take away nights
  • A clean out of your wardrobe, kitchen, garage
  • Yoga or mediation
  • Study days

Make this year, your year! You’ve got this.


Prossack, A., 2018. 4 Tips That Will Help You Prepare For A Successful New Year. [online] Forbes. Available at: <> [Accessed 25 November 2020].

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