Upskill or Reskill… What’s the Difference?

Jun 27, 2018 | Australian College

Upskill is to teach someone additional skills.

The Up-skilling process enhances a worker’s abilities within the same job profile and therefore significantly amplifies the worker’s value within the company.

Reskill is to improve the collective skill set of workers.

The re-skilling process involves learning new technology or re-training in the skills needed by a particular company and be able to utilise these skills into an entirely different role within that company.

There are so many technological advancements and other changes in the modern world we live in that’s why companies continuously develop various strategies in reskilling and upskilling to find the talent they need and contribute socially responsible practices to the future of work.

As a part of the workforce, it’s also your duty to embrace these changes. You should constantly refresh the knowledge and skills that you already have so you don’t fall short when the need arises to use them. Taking necessary action could help you deal with the increasingly complex life and work environments.

Upskilling and reskilling are two entirely different approaches but both are absolutely beneficial and can help define your career path no matter what career aspirations you might have. Both can be achieved by getting a professional qualification. Nationally recognised and accredited training is definitely highly valued and can be extremely rewarding on so many levels.

“Qualifications reveal much more about a person than just academic prowess. It’s not just about getting a job/career. The benefits affect all parts of life: intellectual, social sporting, personal, artistic, ethical and… Read more

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