Prepare for the New Collar Jobs of the Future

Aug 6, 2020 | Australian College


It comes to no surprise that “new collar” jobs are continuously booming. There are so many job openings at the moment that are difficult to fill due to the lack of appropriate talent and skill sets, requiring recruiters and hiring managers to spend more time and effort researching for the right candidates. What is this buzzword and what type of jobs qualify as “new collar” positions? Let’s take a look at examples of professions:

Cyber Security Specialist

Mortgage Protection Specialist

Website Security Analyst

Dental Hygienist

Cloud Computing Optimisation

Medical Secretary

Application Developer

Medical Equipment Repairer

Database Administrator

Medical Sonographer

Systems Administrator

MRI Technologist

Data Analytics

Emergency Room Registered Nurse

Computer Hardware Designer

Pharmacy Technician

Project Manager

Customer Engagement Specialist

Robotic Welding

Cable Installation Technician

Field Service Engineer

Automotive Technician

Some new collar workers, specifically in the tech field, are steering away from the traditional 9-5 office routine as their jobs would often offer them flexible work arrangements. Because of that, they are able to navigate work-life integration successfully. Not only that, they are usually benefiting more financially and achieving more recognition and satisfaction career-wise that’s why nowadays, a lot of people have embraced this kind of contemporary work culture. Perhaps from now on, this may also change the way you look at jobs.


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