What Is A Nationally Recognised/Accredited Course?

May 1, 2018 | Australian College

Are you confused at what nationally accredited/recognised and professional courses are?

We break it down for you right here.

According to the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA):

“A VET accredited course has been assessed by ASQA as a compliant with the Standards for VET Accredited Courses 2012 and the Australian Qualifications Framework AQF)”

Accreditation is formal confirmation that the course:

  • is nationally recognised
  • meets an established industry, enterprise, educational, legislative or community need
  • provides appropriate competency outcomes and a satisfactory basis for assessment
  • meets national quality assurance requirements
  • is aligned appropriately to the AQF where it leads to a qualification.

This means that the courses that are offered and prescribed at a standard set by ASQA and must keep to that standard to be a complaint RTO. If an RTO is non-compliant, then that RTO is at risk of ASQA’s penalties

If a course is nationally recognised, look for this symbol on our website or on other websites where they offer nationally recognised courses.

B2ap3 Thumbnail Nationally Recognised Training Logo

You can also check training.gov.au to check if the course a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) is the latest training package.

Australian College offers the latest training packages for the nationally accredited/recognised courses listed on our website.

What is a Professional Course?

Professional courses have been developed and designed by industry professionals specifically for Australian College. Professional courses are great for increasing your knowledge in the chosen field where you are learning from someone who is currently working, or has worked in the industry for years.

Source: https://www.asqa.gov.au/course-accreditation/accreditation-asqa

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