Looking Back to Move Forward

Jul 14, 2021 | Australian College

We often hear the phrase, “forget about the past and focus on the future.” Whilst this is correct to a certain degree, it’s also important for us to consider what happened in the past in order to create a better and more meaningful future. There is still value in looking back. Analyse what went well and what went wrong. Treat them as learning experiences so that we can make further improvements whenever possible.

To look back, to go back, is not to be weak. It is not to reopen wounds. It takes strength, it takes courage. It takes a person who is more in control of who they are to cast a discerning, non-judgmental eye over who they once were. – Cecelia Ahern

Take note of the things that can be beneficial and not destructive. It’s good to recall previous experiences but only with the purpose of getting wisdom and insight.

Focus on the lessons that matter the most but never dwell on the past. Establish healthy boundaries and do our best to not cross them. During the process, use mindfulness and optimism as your main tools to accomplish goals rationally and intelligently.

I think if you look at exactly where you are, you can’t really focus without looking back and forward at the same time. – Bill Laswell

When you repeat a mistake, it is not a mistake anymore: it is a decision. – Paulo Coelho

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