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Australian College is proud to be an excellent option for absolutely anyone considering taking proofreading and editing courses online or journalism courses online in Australia. Once you enter into one of our journalism, editing or publishing programs, you’ll have a masterful grasp of the written word and will be ready to enter into any number of positions involving writing, editing or journalism.

We offer a wide range of writing and editing courses online that are not just perfect for anyone looking to get into print, media or online journalism, but also anyone who wants to improve their general writing skills. They are a great match for people looking to write both fiction and non-fiction, as it’s very important to be able to edit your own work, no matter what you’re writing.

Our Journalism online courses are an excellent option for the budding journalist – regardless of what kind of publication you are looking to write for. Australian College’s editing and proofreading courses are offered online as part of our online learning system, which is intuitive and easy-to-use.

All aspects of business now require the writing of content either for a professional reason or simply to write blog posts or white papers to support business and marketing. The ability to write correctly and succinctly is an important skill in all aspects of business, sales and marketing. Some will take their writing to the next step and write professionally for a living, by publishing in magazines, papers, online etc.

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Upgrade to the Advanced Freelance Journalism Course that will teach you the keys to writing successful articles. You will learn how to work with the five fundamental questions every journalist must know to get their stories published, learn about photojournalism and grasp how to interview people respectively for articles.

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With sport having such an impact on many people’s lives, an opportunity to work in the area through the medium of writing can be highly impactful in the sports community. Sports journalism is an important foundation for not only writing articles, blogs etc but also for broadcasting, personal “Youtube” channels and other social media platforms.

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Do you travel alot? Are you wanting to start a travel blog? Why not share your experiences through the form of writing by studying a Travel Writing and Photography course which will help you communicate your experiences clearly, writing to a variety of different audiences.

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If you are currently or intending to undertake some copyediting and proofreading in your job or you want to explore the idea of getting started as a freelance copy editor and proof reader, this course covers all the essential elements that you need for success.

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The Editing and Publishing Course is one of our more popular courses and explains the roles of editors, copyeditors and proofreaders, who work together to ensure the publication is within the writers intention.

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It is highly recommended that students wishing to apply to enrol in the Advanced Editing and Publishing course, complete the Professional Editing and Publishing course first.While it is not a prerequisite, it is felt that the knowledge gained will make completion of the advanced course much easier.

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