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Course Code AEP
Qualification gained Australian College Certificate in Advanced Editing and Publishing
Study mode Flexible delivery online
Flexible duration Up to 12 months
Study load Self-paced
Start date Start anytime
Assessment method Short answer questions, writing assessments, editing tasks
Nationally recognised No
Course units

Module 1 – Enhancing Editing and Publishing Skills

Reading 1 – Apply Standard Australian
English Spelling and Punctuation
Writing Style III
Perfect Punctuation III
Colloquial Language
Alternative Spellings
Foreign Words and Phrases

Reading 2 – Develop Knowledge of Typography, Illustrations and Design for Editing II
Specialised Publications and Resources
Specialised Language Conventions
Illustrations and Tables
Editing Tables

Reading 3 – Apply Principles of Word Usage in Written Communication, Proofread unformatted Text, Proofread formatted Text, Edit for Major Sectors of the Publishing Industry II
Completeness and Consistency
Editing Lists
Some Editing Practices
Tip Lists

Reading 4 – Apply Principles of Grammar in Written Communication
Identifying Parts of Speech
Sentence Analysis and Sentence Types
Writing Structure
Changing Grammar


Module 2 – Introduction to Desktop Publishing for Editors

Reading 1 – Edit Text Electronically
Acquiring Files From Another Source
Dealing With Errors in Electronic Documents
Electronic Editing Techniques
Document Management
Saving and Printing Documents
Sending Files Electronically

Reading 2 – Apply Knowledge of Desktop
Publishing for Editors
Desktop Publishing Applications
Desktop Publishing Principles
The Elements and Principles of Design
Using PagePlus for Desktop Publishing
Type in Desktop Publishing
Including Images in your Design
Producing a Single-Page Design

Reading 3 – Publish Documents from the Desktop
Planning a Multi-Page Document
Producing a Multi-Page Document
Using Templates for Layouts
Using Styles in Multi-Page Documents
Generating Colour Documents
Producing a Multi-Page Document
Output Devices
Document Proofing


Module 3 – Entering the Industry of Editing and Publishing

Reading 1 – Apply Knowledge of Print Processes for Editors and Publishers
Major Printing Processes
Understanding Print, Paper and Bind Styles
Preparing a Submission for a Print Job
Understanding Printing Quotes

Reading 2 – Manage Budgets and Schedules in Editing and Publishing
Publication Schedules
Cost Types and Actors That Affect Budgets
Costs of Producing and Editing / Publishing Project
Economic and Commercial Impacts That Affect Editing and Publishing

Reading 3 – Apply for Employment in the Publishing Industry I & II
The Publishing Business
Your Own Freelance Business
Negotiating Freelance Contracts
Business, Agreements and Deadlines
Communicating Without Conflict
Applying For Work
Marketing Yourself
Sourcing Work
The World of Business and Corporate Editing
Professional Development

  • Access to a computer with word processing, PDF reader capabilities and an internet connection
  • A good command of written English
  • Ability to allocate appropriate study hours per week

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