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Feb 26, 2020 | Australian College



Great leaders and renowned influencers seem to be naturally born with a talent in speaking. They are more verbally communicative and have distinguished eloquence. When you hear them talk, they seem to always effortlessly express their thoughts into words in a coherent fashion. They undoubtedly found their strong suit and continuously cultivated it to become even better in what they do.


Speaking is an important soft skill that is very valuable especially in highly social environments specifically the entertainment, hospitality, medical, business, sales and retail industries. It’s actually a special skill that serves as a cornerstone of establishing and developing relationships. It enables us to grow and perform well both personally and professionally. However, as much as it seems too easy for some people, it’s also extremely difficult for others. But why?


“Words have incredible power. They can make people’s hearts soar, or they can make people’s hearts sore.”

“• Dr. Mardy Grothe


Effective communication can be particularly challenging. When we want to get our message across, sometimes we find ourselves uttering the wrong words that we didn’t mean. Others might take offence and take it the wrong way even if it’s completely unintentional. What can we do to avoid this type of embarrassing and awkward situation? One way is to practice by articulating thoughts! Doing this every day will improve your general speech habits and overall way of expressing yourself.


“Before speaking, notice what motivates your words.”

“• Surya Das


Speech can definitely be improved if you constantly practice verbally expressing your thoughts. Think about topics you are interested in, gather your thoughts then speak out loud. You can look in the mirror and pretend you are talking to a person or a group of people. You may also practice with a friend. Write down notes to track your progress. Doing this 15 to 30 minutes per day will make you more fluent and confident.


If you think you haven’t improved at all, don’t be discouraged. Self-improvement takes time and lots of effort to make new learned traits and habits stick. It should never be rushed. Just focus on your goals and you’ll eventually get there. Start honing your communication skills today! 


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