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Have you ever wanted to write a novel, publish a piece of creative writing, or compose a television script? Start your creative journey, by honing your skills with a Writing, Film and Television course.

At Australian College we offer professional development courses to assist you in exploring:

  • Creative Writing
  • Screen Writing
  • Television Production

Learn the tools of the trade to achieve your goals. Our courses will provide you with the knowledge, techniques, and practical experience to begin a successful career in writing, film, or television. You can complete your course online in your own time and at your own pace.

The Novel Writing and Getting Published course will help you formulate your ideas and put them down onto paper in a structure that flows.

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The Professional Children's Writing course will teach you how to improve your writing skills, how to write for the different children's book genres and age groups, and how to market your stories as well as being able to market them in the right segment.

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Open your eyes to a whole world of Creative Writing. Have you always wanted to write but wasn’t sure how to do it or where to go with it? This Creative Writing Course will introduce you to writing, learn how to develop your own writing style, learn about and how to write for different types of genres and mediums plus informing you into how to get published once you are ready to release your work out into the world.

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The Professional Writing and Editing online course is a detailed writing course that is designed to be comprehensive. You will learn about different kinds of writing; writing styles; how to draft out non-fiction pieces, edit and fine-tuning your work; how to lay out technical documents and writing content for web pages.

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The Advanced Professional Writing and Editing course is an ideal course if you have already undertaken a creative writing course, a short story course or any general writing course; however, you can certainly undertake this course even if you have no previous experience.

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The Short Story Writing course you will teach you about your role as a short story writer, the writing industry in Australia, different forms of writing, how to communicate to a reading audience and how to network and present stories to the market.

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By learning the skills of plain English and business writing, you improve your employment prospects and increase your ability to advance within your organisation to more responsible positions.

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The Get into Film and Television: Scripts, Screenwriting and TV Producing course was written by one of Australia's most successful television producers and provides you with opportunities to pursue roles within the expanding world of network television.

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The Television Production for Beginners course offers opportunities to pursue roles within the expanding world of network television.With over 100 channels, and more launching all the time, there is an increasing need for people to work behind the scenes.

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The Professional Scriptwriting: Screenwriting for Film and Television course can help you take your idea for a film or television script, to the big screen.This course will help you to understand screenwriting and write a simple synopsis. You will learn the key elements of a screenplay and how to develop characters, write effective dialogue, incorporate screen devises, market and launch your story.

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