How Steve realised his dream – you can too!

Jul 1, 2015 | Australian College

From a career in project management and engineering to celebrating his first published book!

Steve spends his time simultaneously in two worlds. One is the beautiful NSW Central Coast where he finds inspiration in his morning coffee at the local beach kiosk, and the other is a fantasy realm of which he is the creator, and now published author.

Steve’s journey to becoming a writer is not a typical one.

Steve dabbled with professional writing as a young adult. “The result was a bin full of paper and a disappointed would-be writer.”  Demotivated, Steve turned to a career in project management and engineering. His work unexpectedly involved a great deal of technical writing and this invigorated his passion for words.

Motivated once again Steve enrolled in the Creative Writing course with Australian College. “I needed to find something different and returned to my stories. I began a course in creative writing, during which the plot of my first book began to form.”

Soon after enrolling, Steve faced a set back. He lost his job. Whilst this was a hit, Steve could now focus on his passion and his Creative Writing course. With guidance from his trainer, Pam Collins, he completed his course and graduated with a Diploma of Professional Writing (Creative Writing).

Since completing his online course Steve has developed his concepts and imagination further and the result is “˜The Saga of The Society’ collection.

On 31st October Steve’s first novel, “˜Hidden Enemies’ will be launched at 2pm at the beautiful Jasmine Greens Park Kiosk, Umina.

In-between fishing and spending time with his grandchildren Steve is progressing on novel number three, which is keenly anticipated to be launched in the near future.

Steve shares a final piece of advice that he received from young adult fiction author Fiona McIntosh.

“If you think of yourself as someone who loves writing, that is all you will be. To become successful, you must think of yourself as an author, with goals, targets, and dreams, and apply yourself to achieving them.”

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Have a passion for writing? You too can realise your dreams and learn how to become an author.

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