Great places to study

Jul 1, 2016 | Australian College

Sick of studying at home or in the same place over and over again? Well, we’ve come up with some great places of where to study if you’re feeling a bit adventurous.

Local Library

Or a university library. Libraries are full of information in different mediums and you’re in an environment where people are in a similar mental zone as you so it keeps you motivated to study. There are always private rooms you can book. Libraries have such great organisational interiors that make you feel cosy and comfortable. If you love to be surrounded by books or just love having a quiet space to work in, a library is the way to go. 



If you love the outdoors, this is the place for you. Being surrounded by greenery boosts your energy, keeps you motivated and generally boosts your mood. There’s something about studying in a park that is peaceful. Plus, if you have kids, you can take them to the park and work on your course on your laptop.

Café with free wifi

Love coffee or even tea? There’s nothing better than sitting at a table with a cup of coffee or tea working on your laptop. What’s better? Most cafes free wifi! As long as you keep buying coffee or tea, the wifi is practically free. You get to observe different people who come into the café and pressure of others looking at you makes you work harder.

Your Room

Having a lazy day? Your room is where it’s at for the days’ activities. Working on your bed with your laptop in supreme comfort, what’s more to love? This is also probably the best place to procrastinate so watch out!

In a group

If you work better in a group, find someone else doing the same or similar course as you or do a course with a friend. It’s great to bounce off of each other with information, plus, you can have discussions about the course materials. Sometimes saying the material out loud helps lock it in.

The Beach

Now, this is the place for those with a calling to the ocean. Listening to the sounds of waves crashing is calming and soothing and gives a sense of tranquillity to your environment. This will only make you more focused on your work. Remember to re-apply your sunscreen! 


Art Gallery

Most art galleries have free entry, comfy booth sofas and even cute little spaces for sitting and relaxing. It’s a great way to educate and work in a place where everything is free for interpretation. The environment is also quiet and peaceful so those who love minimal noise will love this space.

On Campus 

With immediate access to your tutors and lecturers, the campus is so convenient if you ever need help with any course work. Doing your online course on campus, whether it be a university campus or your local school campus, can be beneficial with free wifi and access to a myriad of information.

Where do you love to study?

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