Fitness NEWS #1 – 2016

Dec 1, 2015 | Australian College


The boys are back…….Dr Paul Batman and Andrew Richardson (former owners and founders of FIA), are now back lecturing in the fitness industry.  Paul and Andrew will now head a new academic faculty of Fitness Professionals, delivering Certificate III and IV in Fitness, at their recently renovated Surry Hills campus (see more info below), in Sydney.

Having trained over 30,000 Personal Trainers over the last 20+ years and after a short break,  in which time they were involved in various independent research/study pursuits, they are now back and have developed all new course materials for the Certificate III and IV in Fitness, based on the latest “cutting edge research”.  Their intention is to offer a high quality educational program that will see graduates entering the fitness industry, with not only the skills but the latest underpinning knowledge, required to perform their role as a fitness professional.

The new Australian College – Fitness (ACF) courses will offer the latest information based on fitness research and will include the newest exercise prescription guidelines available.

Australian College is the first private RTO to have the newest government training package added to their scope and has developed a unique online learning platform (CREATINE), allowing students to not only attend campus based lectures, you will also be given comprehensive lectures with audio and handouts for each and every lecture and more importantly ““ you will be able ask any question and gain comprehensive answers, directly from the authors, lecturers and tutors for the course.

Additionally, as you are completing these courses you will be provided with access to comprehensive readings and many other learning resources for each and every unit, which can simply downloaded to mobile devices and/or as pdfs and continually used throughout your professional career.

We are really excited to be back in the fitness education industry and look forward to sharing our knowledge and experience with all fitness professionals and living up to our  mantra of …research, evidence, knowledge and practice.


60 Blogs……….available as an eBook, if you refer a person to our Cert III or Cert IV in Fitness Courses…

Dr Paul Batman has written 60 blogs (500 – 1,500 words each), on fitness and health related issues. Ranging from muscle fibre recruitment to sedentary behaviour and optimal methods of weight loss. These blogs are suitable for personal trainers to read and discuss and to hand out as information sheets for their clients.  If a student you refer* enrols in either a cert iii or cert iv fitness course and names you as their referral we will send you an eBook of all 50 blogs for you to read or to give out to your clients. Additionally, or if you like simply remain subscribed to our newsletter and you will receive 1 blog a month for your own use. Enjoy 🙂

*conditions apply




New campus…… Surry Hills


Our brand new Sydney Campus is now open. Centrally located only metres from Central railway and all transport, you will enjoy this “state of the art” facility. Students will have access to our new lecture theatre, breakout area, free Wi-Fi and ready access to all staff, including lecturers, tutors and course managers.

All practicals will be held in close proximity at a fully operational fitness facility and a large outdoor recreational area. Campus Based Intensives will be held on a monthly basis. Students will complete the campus based course of their choice, while completing their course work online and as a skills based program. Our campus based Intensives are offered as either Full Time (day time) or Part Time (evenings), please download your brochure for details on all course structures and courses dates throughout the year, or see below for upcoming course dates:

  • Full-Time campus-based Certificate III in Fitness Intensive (Monday-Friday 9:30am-5pm)”¨

Next Intake Dates: 11 January 2016 or 15 February 2016 or 4 April 2016

  • Part-Time campus-based Certificate III in Fitness Intensive (Monday-Tuesday 6pm-8pm)”¨

Next Intake Dates: 1 February 2016 or 20 June 2016 or 17 October 2016

  • Full-Time campus-based Certificate IV in Fitness Intensive (Monday-Friday 9:30am-5pm)

“¨           Next Intake Dates: 7 March 2016 or 9 May 2016 or 11 July 2016

  • Part-Time campus-based Certificate IV in Fitness Intensive (Monday-Tuesday 6pm-8pm)

“¨           Next Intake Dates: 2 May 2016 or 29 August 2016


VET Fee Help in Fitness…….. Fitness Professionals Beware!!In the fitness industry there are some training providers who are now advertising entry-level Diploma courses in Fitness that are VET FEE Help funded. They imply that to enter the fitness industry as a practising professional that the Diploma is the qualification required and most sought after.  The truth is that to be registered as a Personal Trainer, which is the highest level of registration with the peak body Fitness Australia, a Certificate III in Fitness and Certificate IV in Fitness are the registration requirements, not a Diploma.There is no need to enrol in one of these expensive Diplomas that qualify for VET FEE Help at a cost in excess of $15,000 when the entry level requirement by the fitness industry is a Certificate III and Certificate IV in Fitness which should cost no more than $4,000.  It makes little sense to enrol in a Diploma in an area of fitness where there is no vocational outcome and at a cost that is ridiculously in excess of the legitimate industry entry-level course costs. Take a look at our other blogs on VET Fee Help.

For your own benefit be vigilant by checking your course costs and comparing them to other course providers and ask your education training provider is there an interest free 12 months period over which you could pay off your course fee.  In the long term you will pay only a fraction of the VET FEE Help course fees that are currently being asked. Remember the quality of VET course you enrol in is not based on inflated course tuition fees or celebratory endorsements.

Australian College – Fitness charges $2,900 for a nationally accredited combined Certificate III in Fitness and Certificate IV in Fitness and $2,675 for the Diploma of Leadership and Management (Fitness Entrepreneur).  Australian College also offers a 12 months interest free period to pay off your course fees and does not require you to apply for a VET FEE Help student loan.


$1bn sting in vocational training college rort

Top vocational college AIPE may be shut down

Vocational training rorts: Loans freeze will not stop rogues

Privatisation turned vocational education into a den of shonks and shysters


CREATINE  (Online Learning) is launched…


What is Creatine?……. Creatine is a nitrogenous organic acid that occurs naturally in vertebrates and helps to supply energy to all cells in the body, primarily muscle. This is achieved by increasing the formation of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Creatine is a component of skeletal muscle and is named after the Greek word for meat, kreas.


The dietary supplement Creatine is also known to improve athletic performance and Creatine supplementation may be of use to those requiring boosted mental performance in the short term – for example: college students.

Therefore the aptly named Creatine (Online Learning Platform), developed by AC is where you will find all your learning materials, including; comprehensive readings, lectures with audio, lecture handouts, practice quizzes, assessment items, video resources and importantly your student forum area in which you can ask questions of REAL lecturers in Exercise Science and REAL industry experts.

Creatine is designed to supplement your campus based and workplace and practical experiences, making YOU a highly qualified fitness professional.


PT Graduate Business Opportunity
Snap Fitness (The Henley Group) would like to offer Personal Training graduates the following PT Business Opportunity at any of our 8* x Snap Fitness 24-7 Clubs listed:

1. Bondi Junction
2. CBD (George St)
3. Kensington
4. Paddington
5. Potts Point
6. Pyrmont
7. Waterloo
8. Surry Hills* (opening mid/late 2015)

Business Opportunity includes:

1. 3-month rent free period = the first 3-months where no rent has to be paid to help build your business
2. Half Price Start-up costs ““ $550 and receive uniform, business cards and PT Profile board
3. In-House Coaching towards free CEC points
4. SPECIAL BONUS: As a PT with The Henley Group you base yourself at one club but gain access to train any of your clients/members at any of our 8* clubs

In return all we ask is a minimum commitment of 12-months (which includes the 3-months rent free period). After the initial 3-month period up to 12 months the rent is $275pw including gst

To take up this special offer – simply complete the following:

1. Send copy of your Resume
2. 100 words on why you’d like to take to this offer (and preferred club)

Send this to Paul Collins, Fitness Director at: [email protected]

It’s as simple as that! This opportunity is available to previous or upcoming graduates
(valid to 21 December 2015).

Paul Collins
Snap Fitness ““ Fitness Director
[email protected]

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