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1. Personal Details

Before you start completing this form, please read our ‘Privacy Notice’ and ‘Terms and Conditions’. (Please write the name that you used when you applied for your Unique Student Identifier (USI), including any middle names. If you do not yet have a USI you must apply for a USI as part of your enrolment. For information on how to obtain a USI, please see the section on the USI at the end of this form for a detailed explanation.)
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3. Gender

4. Your contact details

5. What is the address of your usual residence?

(Please provide the physical address (street number and name not post office box) where you usually reside rather than any temporary address at which you reside for training, work or other purposes before returning to your home. If you are from a rural area use the address from your state or territory’s ‘rural property addressing’ or ‘numbering’ system as your residential street address. Building/property name is the official place name or common usage name for an address site, including the name of a building, Aboriginal community, homestead, building complex, agricultural property, park or unbounded address site.)
6. What is your postal address (if different from above)?

Language and Cultural Diversity

8. Do you speak a language other than English at home?
9. Are you of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander origin?


Before completing this section, please read the ‘Disability Supplement’ information provided here.
10. Do you consider yourself to have a disability, impairment or long-term condition?
If ‘No’ – Go to question 12
11. If you indicated the presence of a disability, impairment or long-term condition, please select the area(s) in the following list:
(You may indicate more than one area) Please refer to the ‘Disability Supplement’ for an explanation of the following disabilities.


12. What is your highest COMPLETED school level?
If you are currently enrolled in secondary education, the highest school level completed refers to the highest school level you have actually completed and not the level you are currently undertaking. For example, if you are currently in Year 10 the highest school level completed is Year 9.
13. Are you still enrolled in secondary or senior secondary education?
If ‘No’ – Go to question 16

Previous qualifications achieved

14. Have you SUCCESSFULLY completed any of the qualifications listed in question 15?
If ‘No’ – Go to question 16
15. If ‘Yes’, tick ANY applicable boxes.


16. Of the following categories, which BEST describes your current employment status? (Tick one box only)
For casual, seasonal, contract and shift work, use the current number of hours worked per week to determine whether full time (35 hours or more per week) or part-time employed (less than 35 hours per week).

Study Reason

17. Of the following categories, select the one which BEST describes the main reason you are undertaking this course/traineeship/apprenticeship (Tick ONE box only)

Unique Student identifier (USI)

From 1 January 2015, Australian College can be prevented from issuing you with a nationally recognised VET qualification or statement of attainment when you complete your course if you do not have a Unique Student Identifier (USI). In addition, we are required to include your USI in the data we submit to NCVER. If you have not yet obtained a USI you can apply for it directly at https://www.usi.gov.au/students/create-your-usi on your computer or mobile device.
You may already have a USI if you have done any nationally recognised training, which could include training at work, completing a first aid course or RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) course, getting a white card, or studying at a TAFE or training organisation. It is important that you try to find out whether you already have a USI before attempting to create a new one. You should not have more than one USI. To check if you already have a USI, use the ‘Forgotten USI’ link on the USI website at https://www.usi.gov.au/faqs/i-have-forgotten-my-usi/.
To ensure the authenticity of your USI, Australian College must verify the information available on the USI Register. Please, provide details for one of the forms of identity below. You must ensure that the name written in ‘Personal Details’ section of this Enrolment Form is exactly the same as written in the document you provide below.
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Details vary according to State/Territory (see note above)
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Note: In accordance with section 11 of the Student Identifiers Act 2014, Australian College will securely destroy personal information which we collect from individuals solely for the purpose of verifying the USI on the student’s behalf as soon as the verification process is complete or the information is no longer needed for that purpose. A photo ID is required as part of Australian College enrolment process – this will be kept on the student’s file for the duration of the enrolment or as required by relevant laws and legislation. For more information, see Australian College Privacy Policy and Student Record Management Policy.
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