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Our Dual Qualifications

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What's a dual qualification?

A dual qualification is a nationally recognised and nationally recognised course which combines two different certificates or diplomas into the one comprehensive course.

What are the benefits?

A dual qualification is designed to be studied in a shorter period of time than completing two seperate qualifications separately. Upon the completion of a dual qualification, you will receive two seperate nationally recognised certificates or diplomas.

With a new emerging business and economic landscape comes new ways to do business. Employers are now required to employ people who can develop, deploy and use a new set of tools and skills in an increasingly connected world.

Acting on future trends, Australian College has uniquely embarked on developing an educational model that will provide its students with a different kind of affordable, quality education that produces distinctive and unique graduates who are able to balance essential and specialised knowledge with a broad outlook and an independent approach across a number of vocational areas.

Completing a Dual Qualification with Australian College was the smartest thing I ever did, double the reward without doubling the study."

Our Dual Qualifications

Australian College currently offers dual qualifications across the Accounting and Finance Faculty, Business, Management and Marketing Faculty, Childcare Faculty and Fitness, Health and Sport Faculty. Browse through the faculties to find the right dual qualification for you.

Fitness, Health and Sport

SIS30321 Certificate III in Fitness +
SIS40221 Certificate IV in Fitness

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