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Course Code PFBN
Qualification gained Australian College Diploma of Photography (Professional Photography)
Study mode Flexible delivery online
Flexible duration Up to 12 months
Study load Self-paced
Start date Start anytime
Assessment method

Assessment methods for this course differ from module to module and include:

  • Knowledge/Theory-based short answer questions
  • Projects
Nationally recognised No
Course units

Module 1: Camera Functions and Terminology

Reading 1: Essential Photography: Film and Digital
Topic 1: Getting Started in Professional Photography
Topic 2: The Language of Professional Photography
Topic 3: The Difference Between Film and Digital Cameras
Topic 4: Understanding Exposure and Depth of Field
Topic 5: Understanding Shutter Speed
Topic 6: Discover Your Creativity
Topic 7: Tips From the Professionals
Topic 8: Looking After Your Camera Topic
9: Camera Accessories Topic
10: Keeping a Photography Journal

Reading 2: Light, Night and Exposure
Topic 1: Controlling Exposure & Aperture
Topic 2: Night Photography
Topic 3: When To Shoot Black and White
Topic 4: Buying a Tripod
Topic 5: Trouble Shooting Common Errors
Topic 6: Choosing a Filter
Topic 7: A Photographer at
Work Topic 8: Capturing a Sense of Place

Reading 3: Portrait Photography and Light Meters
Topic 1: Spot Metering and Matrix Metering
Topic 2: Focusing and Bracketing
Topic 3: Lenses and the Rule of Thirds
Topic 4: Using Flash and Fixing Red Eye™
Topic 5: Avoiding Lighting Mistakes
Topic 6: Cropping Your Pictures
Topic 7: Portrait Photography

Reading 4: Weddings, Fashion, Beauty
Topic 1: Photography Genres
Topic 2: Wedding Photography
Topic 3: The Wedding Photographer Do’s and Don’ts
Topic 4: Working With Models
Topic 5: Getting a Model Release
Topic 6: Fashion Photography
Topic 7: Beauty Photography
Topic 8: Working With Props


Module 2: Genres and Marketing Your Photographs

Reading 1: Still Life Photography
Topic 1: Still Life Photography and Composition
Topic 2: Food Photography
Topic 3: More on Flash Photography
Topic 4: Managing Digital Files

Reading 2: Photojournalism, Action and Travel Photography
Topic 1: Exploring Photojournalism
Topic 2: How To Take Action Photos
Topic 3: Photographing Water Sports
Topic 4: Travel Photography
Topic 5: Photography Etiquette
Topic 6: Processing Photos

Reading 3: Selling Your Photographs
Topic 1: Building Your Portfolio
Topic 2: Aerial Photography
Topic 3: Markets, Fetes and Festivals
Topic 4: Calendars, Posters and Merchandise
Topic 5: Submitting Your Work to Publications
Topic 6: Exhibiting Your Work
Topic 7: Stock Library Photographs

Reading 4: The Business of Professional Photography
Topic 1: Working in the Industry
Topic 2: Starting a Freelance Business
Topic 3: Invoicing for Your Work
Topic 4: Marketing Yourself as a Photographer
Topic 5: Your Portfolio
Topic 6: Writing Your CV

  • Access to a computer with word processing, PDF reader capabilities and an internet connection
  • A Good Command of Written English
  • Ability to Allocate Appropriate Study Hours Per Week
  • Access to a DSLR Camera

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