Bullet Journaling 101

Mar 15, 2018 | Australian College

Are you the type of person who stays organised by writing your daily activities and reminders on paper?

Say goodbye to the plain old boring planners and journals and explore your creative side by starting a Bullet Journal! If you are not yet familiar with bullet journaling, you might be surprised to discover that it can seriously transform the way you organise your life!

A bullet journal a.k.a. “BuJo” is a trendy productivity system, schedule organiser, progress checker, deadline tracker, meal planner, study journal and sketchbook all rolled into one! It’s so flexible that it can be what you need it to be.

If you’re a student or planning to study, a BuJo can be the ultimate game changer. It can help sort out all your random thoughts, ideas, and goals so you can free up your brain space. Jot down lectures, flowcharts, formulas, study techniques and even doodles and other visual aids. It can also be used to track grades and log study times.

Starting a Bullet Journal is so easy. The first thing you need to do is find yourself a good plain page notebook with marker ribbons. This serves as your blank canvas that gives you the freedom to write or draw whatever you like. When it comes to writing supplies, choose the ones that do not smudge, feather or bleed. Gather other essentials such as crayons, markers, brush pens, stamps, stencils, clips and colourful tapes. These items can certainly help you level-up your Bullet Journal.

Having one is not only practical but also therapeutic – definitely a positive addition to anyone’s life! Do you want to get more ideas on how to start your Bullet Journal? Look up #bulletjournal or #BuJo on Instagram or Pinterest and prepare to be blown away by hundreds of design ideas that you can use as inspiration to create your own version.

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