Best Apps for Organisation

Mar 11, 2016 | Australian College

Finding it hard to get organised? These apps will help get you back on track! 



Never lose another idea! This app helps you keep everything in one place. Your ideas, checklists, drawings, draft assignments and even voice messages. There’s also a function where you can capture handwritten notes and save pictures. It’s a sure fire way to keep everything in order. Definitely an app for the avid or enthusiastic organiser.



Share your files with Dropbox! Dropbox is a great way to store files and access them anywhere you like on the internet ““ you can access your files on your smart phone, on your laptop or computer and anywhere else you can access internet. Dropbox is also great for people who want to share files with others through a shared folder or with a link. It is such a simple way of storing your files without using your computers local data.


Dragon Dictation

Speak now or forever hold your peace. Dragon Diction is an app that types as fast as you speak. It can dictate with great accuracy so you can speak your notes into your phone and won’t have to type them up. It’s also great for sending tweets, facebook updates, sending sms’s as well as writing (speaking) emails.



Keep control of what you spend. Spendee is a great way for tracking what you spend on everything. You can set your budget and add your expenses and the app will calculate and visualise what you spend. It’s an amazing app for organising your expenses and great for those who want to keep track of their expenses, especially if you’re on holidays.


Remember the Milk

Always remember. Remember the Milk is a great to do list app. You can add things to do on your checklist for certain days, just like a calendar. It super simple to use and great for people who are busy or for people who just love to create lists!

I hope you find these apps helpful and help you get organised to the max! If we missed any that you use yourself, let us know in the comment section below!
Happy Organising!

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