How to Choose the Best Accredited Online Course for You

Mar 20, 2023 | Australian College

Are you looking for accredited online courses to gain new skills or expand your knowledge? With a variety of options available, it can be difficult to choose the best course for your needs. Fortunately, there are a few key factors to consider when evaluating online training programs to help you make an informed decision. By understanding the criteria for selecting training courses, you can ensure you select the best one for your goals and objectives.

In this article, we’ll discuss what you should look for when choosing accredited online courses, and the one thing you shouldn’t look for!

What Are Accredited Online Courses?

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Online courses are an invaluable resource for those seeking to advance their career and gain new skills. By wisely choosing your training course, you are assured of gaining knowledge and credentials from a reputable institution accredited by national or international organisations.

The importance of these online courses lies in the quality assurance they offer. All accredited institutions must adhere to rigorous standards set out by nationally recognized accrediting bodies such as the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA).

Accreditation of a course provides the assurance it not only meets all national quality assurance requirements, but also the established industry, enterprise and educational needs; making sure learners can gain the appropriate knowledge, skills and competency outcomes from their training.

What You Should Not Consider When Selecting an Online Training Course

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There is one option you should not have as a main consideration for your next training course:

Cheap Training – What Can Go Wrong?

It is never a wise decision to select your next treating course based solely on the price.

Like many other purchases, something a lot cheaper than everything else will most likely be of poorer quality and may not be fit for the purpose for which you purchased the item.

Some training providers may be cheaper than others and some have flexible payment plans to help your training needs meet your budget, but if you choose to train with a provider noticeably cheaper than all the others, you may not receive what you expected:

A lesson learned – Inspire Education
In recent years, Inspire Education came under fire for providing accredited online courses of questionable quality. Numerous students reported receiving poor instruction and limited access to course materials. In addition, many students who purchased education courses from Inspire Education were not provided with the necessary resources and support to learn effectively.

The reviews from students who opted for accredited online courses through Inspire Education often cite a lack of quality content, inadequate support staff, and unresponsive instructors as primary reasons for their disappointment in the program.

Many of these students felt they had wasted their time and money on ineffective accredited online training which failed to provide meaningful knowledge or skills. The complaints go on to mention the slow responses from instructors and technical issues with the platform compromising course delivery.

To provide some idea of the impact of these super-cheap but poor-quality offerings, here are some of many poor reviews from students of Inspire Education, sourced from “Product Review”

“Wouldn’t recommend! Terrible
Right from the very start it was a terrible experience. It is so hard to communicate to anyone and if you did communicate with someone each time it would be a different person and you would have to explain 100 times over until you got to someone that can actually help!”

“Totally Uninspired, don’t fall for the cheap price.
Do not waste you hard earned money with Inspire Education. Support staff are in Manila, don’t answer the phone or answer my email question, just put it on to the trainer and at times you wait weeks to speak with them. The reading materials were just copied and pasted from other training organizations in a haphazard way and did not answer the questions that were in the assignments.”

… I found the site difficult to navigate and ended up asking for my money back. To this day I have received no response. I would not recommend inspire. Cheap but lacking care or quality.”

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Inspire Education went into liquidation in October 2022, with no notice and little communication to the 13,000 enrolled students. In order to complete their training, some students were left with no option but to pay again and re-enrol on the course they had already started!

Considering the criticisms from former students, and the subsequent fate of the training provider, make sure you conduct thorough research into accredited online courses before enrolling in one. It is also advisable to read reviews from former participants in order to get a better idea of what you can expect from a course provider before signing up for one of their programs.

What You Should Consider When Selecting Your Accredited Online Course

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Here are some of the things to help you have a successful, rewarding training experience:

A Nationally-Accredited Training Course

Nationally-accredited courses are trusted by employers and learning providers alike due to the recognition of their standard of qualifications, providing an excellent basis for graduates to enter their chosen careers.

Accredited training courses are a fantastic way to get ahead in an ever-changing workforce, with certificate or diploma qualifications being recognised throughout the country.

These standards ensure such courses have been evaluated based on factors such as quality of instruction, course content, student services, faculty qualifications, course delivery methods, and assessment practices. By selecting accredited online training programs you can be confident you will receive a quality education meeting industry standards.

Online Training

Online courses offer flexibility with regard to when and how you study. Most accredited programs allow students to work at their own pace with no strict deadlines or required attendance times like traditional universities or college campuses. This provides students with the ability to fit their studies around their existing commitments such as family and work obligations while still getting a quality education.

Plus, online courses can be more cost-effective than traditional campus-based programs due to reduced overhead costs associated with running an on-site program such as facility rental expenses and student housing costs. Students can also save money on transportation costs since there is no need for them to commute back and forth from campus each day in order to attend classes.

What Is the Best Course for Your Needs and Requirements?

The best training for you will depend on your reason for wanting to enrol:

Begin a new career
When selecting accredited online courses to begin a new career you should research the skills and knowledge needed for your dream job. It’s important to consider whether the course covers all the topics relevant to your desired career path.

This will help make sure you have a comprehensive understanding of the skills and knowledge required for success in your chosen profession.

Achieve a better job in your current industry
Are you looking to get ahead in your career and gain new skills or expand your knowledge with accredited online courses? Make sure you are ready to boost your career and grab the promotion when you have the chance.

If you already know which role you would like to achieve, select the training course with the best fit to the profile of your desired position.

Consider the quality and relevance of the course content. The best-accredited training programs should align with modern industry standards and have up-to-date information on current technology and trends in order to provide the necessary qualifications for a successful career.

Benefit your hobbies or personal interests
When you are selecting a course for personal, rather than professional development, you should still undertake some research into the training provider. You will, most likely already be aware of the skills or knowledge you require, or you could seek advice from others with the same interest.

You will want to ensure the material being taught is relevant to your hobbies or interests while providing up-to-date information on current trends or technology related to the field. Analysing course delivery methods will help you determine whether accredited online courses use approaches suitable for your individual learning style.

Good Support Services

It is essential for accredited online training programs to provide students with good support services in order to ensure the successful completion of their studies.

For instance, at Australian College, we provide access to tutors and assessors who are available for one-on-one consultation when needed.

Moreover, Australian College offers a comprehensive library of instructional videos specifically designed for online courses which provide detailed guidance on different topics within each field.

Flexible Payment Options

Flexible payment options offered by online training providers are beneficial to those seeking an education. Allowing learners to spread their payments out over a longer period of time, allows them to budget more effectively and pay for courses in a manner better suited to their individual financial circumstances.

In addition, accredited online training providers may also offer discounts or special offers, such as no-interest financing plans or deferred payments, which can further reduce the financial burden associated with education. This is especially helpful for students who may not have the necessary funds available at once and need more time to save up while still being able to access education.

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