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Recognised Prior Learning (RPL)

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Gain recognition for industry experience or previous study

As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), Australian College offers RPL to all enrolled students. Also, if you obtained a Nationally Recognised Competency through study with another RTO or Tertiary Institution recently or in the past, you can apply to have the competency recognised.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a process that allows the competencies you already possess to be recognised, regardless of how you obtained them. These might include skills you picked up on the job or from other life experiences that do not necessarily include formal training.

Collecting evidence can be a daunting experience for students in establishing competency against a unit. The National Register on Vocational Education and Training (VET) in Australia is located at and displays every unit of competency, their elements, performance criteria and underpinning knowledge all summarised for ease of use.

Evidence which you supply must be;
Authentic - must be yours
Sufficient – must be enough to prove competence
Current – must be relevant as at today for 12 months
Valid – must relate to the unit

Evidence may be direct or indirect
Direct or primary evidence could include items of your own work, such as;

  • Certificate/qualifications (certified and must be validated)
  • Schedules rosters/payslips
  • Sample of work, projects or workplace records or forms,
  • Photos or videos of work
  • Work you have developed yourself

Indirect or secondary evidence could include;

  • Resume
  • Job description/position
  • Performance review
  • Emails, memos, letters
  • Org procedures /charts/checklists
  • Minutes
  • References
  • Statutory declarations

Credit Transfer

You can apply for credit transfer for units and qualifications that you have previously completed. The units and/or qualifications must have the same code and name or if there are differences in code or name, the content must be equivalent to the course for which you are applying for credit.

For Credit Transfer, you need to submit certified copies of your transcripts from your previous studies. These transcripts will need to provide the details of where you undertook this study so that your results can be verified. If these transcripts are not current, you may be asked to provide further evidence of how you have kept your skills and knowledge up to date.


You apply for credit for units of a course, based on informal learning that was gained through work, social, family, hobby or leisure activities and experiences.

For RPL, you will need to submit samples of work, references, testimonials and other evidence that proves you can do what you can say you can do. Also, this evidence must show that your skills and knowledge are still current, and you are able to do these things now. With RPL applications you will be asked to prepare and submit a portfolio of your evidence.

For Credit Transfer and RPL, you need to show you are 'currently competent', by providing evidence on how you have applied these skills and knowledge.

Application Steps for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Step 1

Contact our RPL Assessor at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a copy of our RPL Kit.

Step 2

Review the RPL kit, complete the application, submit all the required documentation, portfolio of evidence and pay the RPL fee of $100.

Step 3

The RPL Assessor and our Compliance Officer review your application including holding a Competency Interview (if required)

Step 4

Outcome – If RPL is awarded the RPL fee of $100 will be deducted off the course price.

Outcome – If RPL is not awarded and no enrolment takes place the RPL fee of $100 is NOT refunded.

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