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The Editing and Publishing Course is one of our more popular courses and explains the roles of editors, copyeditors and proofreaders, who work together to ensure the publication is within the writers intention.

Acquire the skills and knowledge for basic editing and publishing, grammar, punctuation, clear word usage, as well as understanding how to use technology for editing and proofreading. Gain an overall view of the industry and find out how to get into the editing and publishing industry.

This course has been developed against the Australian Standards for Editing Practice.

Course summary

Qualification gained
Australian College Certificate of Editing and Publishing
Course code
Study mode
Flexible delivery (including online with some projects / activities and/or skills-based training)
Flexible duration (with an option to extend)
Up to 12 months
Study load
Start date
Start anytime
Assessment method
Short Answer Questions, Practical Editing Tasks
Nationally recognised

Course fees

Payment Option 1 - $2,000.00 upfront*
Payment Option 2 - $300.00 Deposit then 20 x $100.00 Weekly = $2,300.00*
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Course units

Unit 1 - Introduction to Editing and Publishing

Reading 1 - The World of Book Editing, Proofreading and Publishing

Editing, Proofreading and Publishing - The Big Picture
Editing and Proofreading - What's The Difference?
An Introduction to Copyediting
Getting Started in Proofreading
Inside Publishing
Employment Relations
Health and Safety in the Work Environment
The Editor and Proofreader's Tools
Perfect Punctuation I
Good Grammarian I
Wordplay I
Let's Practise

Reading 2 - The Publishing Process: Editing, Copyediting and Proofreading

Processes, Conventions and Practices
Proofreading Marks
Standard Proofreading
Comparative Proofreading
Introducing Copyediting
W Matter of Style
Good Grammarian II
Wordplay II
Messy Mark Ups

Reading 3 - Develop and Apply Knowledge of Typography, Illustration and Design for Editing I

Book Publishing and Design
Formatting Style
Perfect Punctuation II
Putting It All Together

Unit 2 - Develop Knowledge of Specialised Editing

Reading 1 - Edit Non-Print media

Editing and Proofreading with Technology
Reporting Corrections By Email
Editing and Proofreading Web Pages Online
Editing and Proofreading PDFs and E-books
Using Track Changes With Word-Processed Documents
Emailing Correction Reports
Wordplay III

Reading 2 - Apply Knowledge of Law and Ethics for Editors and Publishers

What is Copyright?
Negotiating a Contract in Editing/Publishing
Legal Deposit
Moral Rights, Plagiarism and Licences
Be Aware of What You Edit
Australian Standards for Editing Practice

Reading 3 - Edit for Major Sectors of the Publishing Industry I

Developing a Good Working Relationship
Communication Skills for Managing Relationships
Flexibility, Tact, Initiative and Perseverance
The Value of the Proof

Reading 4 - Develop Knowledge of Structural Editing I

Writing Style I
The Elements of Copyediting
Questions on Copyediting Technique
Editing for Substance
Editing for Structure
Different Editing for Different Documents
Structural Editing Techniques
Editing Scripts for Television, Film, Stage and Radio

Reading 5 - Develop Knowledge of Structural Editing II

The Structure of a Publication
Editing References
Editing a Table of Contents
Editing a Glossary
Editing an Index
List of Proofreading Marks

Unit 3 - Working in the Editing & Publishing Industry

Reading 1 - Analyse Elements of Context and Genres of Texts

Writing Style II
Language: The Reader, The Author, The Publication
Editing Clarity, Voice and Tone
Syntax - The Structure of Language
Good Grammarian III
Wordplay IV

Reading 2 - Research Accuracy of Content

The Importance of Research
An Editor’s Resources
Recording Information Accurately

Reading 3 - Write Workplace Documents in Editing and Publishing

Writing for Editing and Publishing
Everyday Business Documents

Entry requirements

  • Access to a computer with word processing, PDF reader capabilities and an internet connection
  • A good command of written English
  • Ability to allocate appropriate study hours per week

If you have these essential requirements, then you can get started immediately.

Student reviews

"The Australian College tutors were very helpful and inspiring. Coming from various backgrounds, they offered industry relevant information, trends, and ideas 'outside the box' at a level of which I would otherwise not have had access.

They helped me to focus on the individual topics through the assignments and extract the most out of the course, making it directly relevant to the industry."

Marnie Bernard

Combine employment and training in order to gain a nationally recognised qualification.
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